Who We Finance - English title


Company Eligibility

We finance gazelles owned by committed and capable entrepreneurs. Our partners are often owner-operated or family-owned businesses, or proven partnership teams, that have demonstrated success and a capacity for rapid growth if afforded access to capital on reasonable terms.

The following presents the overarching eligibility requirements for financing by Gazelle Finance.

  • Growth potential: Companies growing at approximately 20% per year or with demonstrated potential to do so for the next 5 years (i.e., “gazelles”)
  • Company size: Annual revenues in the range of $200,000 to $4 million
  • Investment needed: Between $100,000 and $1 million (investment amount typically not to exceed current annual revenues), and maximum $3 million including follow-on investments, with a clear and justified plan for use of funds
  • Proven business model: 3 years of successful company operations preferable, but at least one business cycle required
  • Business plan: Clear expansion plan and justified projections for company development for the next 5 years
  • Management and owners: Strong and well qualified management/ownership team demonstrating openness and transparency and readiness to embark on a partnership for the term of the investment
  • Standards: Readiness to implement best practices in governance and in environmental and social practices

For companies that meet such requirements, Gazelle Finance will conduct further analysis, inquiries, and due diligence to determine whether it will offer an investment to the client and the specific terms of such investment.

Contact Us

If you have a financing need for your SME and you believe your company meets the overarching eligibility requirements outlined above, please contact the local office in one of Gazelle Finance’s two countries – Georgia and Armenia to speak with one of our investment officers. Gazelle Finance investment officers are actively seeking new investment opportunities and are committed to working in a timely and decisive manner to evaluate the possibility of financing new partners.

How to Apply for Financing

  1. Contact an investment professional in one of the two country offices: Georgia and Armenia. Please submit your brief executive summary to info@gazellefinance.com.
  2. Submit a brief executive summary that makes a request to receive financing for your business in a written form that includes the following:
  • Description of business
  • Description and quantification of your financing needs (amount sought and proposed use of funds)
  • Description of market demand for your product or service and why there is growing demand
  • Description of your competitors and customers
  • Identification of owners and role of owners in the business, their ownership %, and the key members of the management team that are not owners of the business
  • List of all existing debt and any other material major liabilities, noting whether or not the debt is collateralized
  • List of any obligations to equity investors (i.e., obligations to pay a minimum return on investment, share buyback obligations, etc.), including the timing of such obligations.
  • Your contact information
  1. If Gazelle Finance determines a fit with its investment strategy, an investment professional will contact you to discuss your business financing request and determine next steps.
  2. If the investment professional determines there is a good fit with Gazelle Finance, he/she will likely organize a meeting, visit the site of the business and follow-up with initial due diligence questions.
  3. If the investment professional continues to believe the investment opportunity is a good fit with Gazelle Finance, he/she will present the basic terms of investment to the company.
  4. If approved by the Gazelle Finance Investment Committee, then the investment professional will present the investment terms to the client to be agreed/committed to by the client in writing.
  5. Gazelle Finance will then proceed with formal due diligence (i.e., all final due diligence documentation, legal due diligence, etc.) to determine final eligibility for investment.
  6. Assuming the company is still eligible for investment, Gazelle Finance and the investee company will conclude final legal investment documents.
  7. Once the conditions are met as set-forth in the investment documents, Gazelle Finance will disburse funds to investee company. 

Gazelle Finance anticipates that the process laid out above will typically take twelve weeks, though often longer or less depending on company circumstances. Note that during the above process, Gazelle Finance is in no way obligated to provide financing or to meet a specified timeline.