Mission and Principles

The mission of Gazelle Finance is to create a better financial future for capable entrepreneurs and the communities they serve. We adhere to core principles that define the way we do business:

  • Serve the Underserved

    We identify the gaps and barriers in capital markets and provide a growth capital financing solution to carefully selected, capable and responsible entrepreneurs with strong and viable business plans but who cannot secure financing otherwise.

  • Embrace Entrepreneurship

    We empower entrepreneurs with capital and expertise so that they can drive economic growth and development in their communities.

  • Align Interests

    We build long-term partnerships by aligning our investment interests with entrepreneurs, focusing on growing their businesses for mutual benefit.

  • Invest Actively

    We believe that successful investments require active and ongoing engagement by our investment officers, from origination all the way to our exit.

  • Enhance the Community

    We believe that good jobs and viable career paths are the foundation of successful communities. When we capitalize and confer know-how to our partners we help them create high quality jobs, at their own enterprises and at companies in the supply chain, while promoting responsible business practices.

  • Deliver Returns to our Investors

    We believe it is essential to achieve financial returns for our investors and development impact for the citizens of the communities we serve, thereby ensuring the availability of resources for continued economic and social improvement.We believe that with well targeted smart investments into promising SMEs, financial returns and development impact go hand in hand.