How to Register a Branch of a Ukrainian Company

To establish a Ukrainian (or other foreign) company’s branch an application should be submitted to the Public Registry. According to the Georgian legislation, it is possible not only to register a branch of an entrepreneurial company registered abroad in Georgia but also to register a branch of a foreign individual entrepreneur.

Application to the Public Registry should include the following information:

       Entrepreneur's business name

       Entrepreneur’s legal address

       The principal place of activity of the entrepreneur

       The legal form of the entrepreneur and the country whose legislation applies to the registration of the entrepreneur

       Name of the foreign authorities by which the entrepreneur is registered, and the registration number, if under the legislation of that country the registration is mandatory or not mandatory, although the entrepreneur is registered

       Business name of a branch, which consists of the entrepreneur's business name and the addition of "branch" or "business name different from the entrepreneur's business name"

       The legal address of the branch

       Identification data of the branch manager and his/her representative authority. If the branch has several persons authorized for representation, it should be indicated whether they represent the branch together or separately.

       The scope of activity of the entrepreneur, as well as of the branch. When referring to it, the norms established by law on determining the scope of activity of the enterprise by the charter shall be applied

       If available - the amount of the capital invested by the entrepreneurial company at the time of registration of the branch.

The following documents must be attached to the application for registration of a branch of an entrepreneur registered abroad:

       Document confirming registration of the entrepreneur, certified under the legislation of Georgia

       The incorporation documents and the charter of the entrepreneurial company duly certified in accordance with the legislation of Georgia

    Document confirming the identity and identification data of the person authorized to manage and represent the entrepreneurial company, as well as information on his/her appointment and expiration of his/her term of authority. This document should include an indication of whether the person represents the branch as a member of the body of the entrepreneurial company or as a permanent representative of the entrepreneurial company in connection with the activities of the branch.

       The decision of the entrepreneur (relevant person/body authorized to manage it) on the establishment of a branch certified in accordance with the legislation of Georgia

       Consent of the person appointed as the head/representative of the branch