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Ukraine bridge facility

With the support of its investors, GF will provide bridge financing and technical support to a select group of Ukrainian companies and their employees

Co-working Space

One of the first things a business may do after arriving at a new destination is to choose a working space. There are the options to rent or buy an office or use a co-working space. The last means a desk, a number of desks, or a room in a shared working environment. This can be in an open space alongside other professionals, or within a room.



Co-working spaces in Georgia, especially in Tbilisi, have been gaining popularity in recent years. There are several companies that offer a different range of services, such as dedicated or flex desks, private offices, conferences, or meeting rooms. You can discover the top options for co-working in Tbilisi, below.

The company or an individual can search co-working spaces individually or address webpages where combined information is listed, for example,

Terminal – One of the biggest co-working spaces in Tbilisi with 6 branches and the capacity of more than 1100 spaces.

Impact Hub Tbilisi – Represented by one branch with different services, such as membership for a day or week or unlimited.

KD4US – Co-working space is located inside A class King David business center, located at Tbilisi city center offering various services such as Time-based, short and long-term membership subscriptions.

Regus – Represented by 2 branches in Tbilisi with the dedicated desks or co-work membership services.

Space Z – Co-working space in Tbilisi with meeting rooms and desks.

UG Startup Factory – Operates on a private university basis with 24/7 functional working space for up to 40 people and several meeting rooms.

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