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Ukraine bridge facility

With the support of its investors, GF will provide bridge financing and technical support to a select group of Ukrainian companies and their employees

Corporate Services

There are several services that will help to improve management or administrative operations, such as delivery or courier services, managing business travel etc.


Bolt Business is the first European mobility app not only for individuals but for businesses as well. Bolt business is a single solution that gives a company or an individual everything they need to manage business travel for all employees without the paperwork. Businesses can control, manage, and pay for the entire team's work rides from a single account with Bolt Business. One of the main advantages is to avoid the hassle of expense reports. Payment can be proceeded once a month by a bank transfer or by charging a company card for each trip.

Glovo Business helps to schedule business deliveries in minutes.

Georgian Post is the leading postal operator in the country, which provides its customers with all types of universal postal services. The company relies on utilizing modern technologies, which ensures a significant improvement in terms of the quality of service and delivery time. Through the Georgian Post-service, the business can manage the transportation/delivery of correspondence for the purpose of signing or delivering the original documentation to the respondents.

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