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Author: Gazelle Finance

Date: May 03, 2024

Natia Janelidze promoted to Managing Director

May 2, 2024

Gazelle Finance is delighted to announce that Natia Janelidze has been promoted to Managing Director!

Natia joined Gazelle Finance in 2015 prior to closing Gazelle Fund I and has played a critical role in building our front office investment team and leading our investment activities in Georgia as the CIO.  As part of her increased responsibilities Natia will become the CIO covering all investment and blended finance activities of Gazelle Finance and the official Executive Director of Gazelle Finance Georgia. She has a proven track record structuring complex debt and equity transactions and exiting positions using complex and innovative instruments in the Georgian market.  She is part of the leadership team who led the process to meet the 2X Flagship Fund criteria, a prestigious distinction for female investment professionals in the global private equity marketplace.  Over Natia’s career she has excelled in a number of leadership positions including with TBC Bank and Bank Republic, Societe Generale.  Natia serves on the boards of the Georgian subsidiary of ISbank and women federation Women for Tomorrow.

Natia is well respected in the Georgian and international investment community, is an excellent colleague, a caring mother, and wonderful person.

On behalf of the team at Gazelle Finance, and all of our colleagues and partners, we congratulate Natia on reaching this significant milestone in her career and look forward to many more great achievements.

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