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Our products

Our products are similar to private equity than bank financing, with terms appropriate for gazelles, including risk-sharing, performance-based features. Given our higher risk profile, we also expect higher returns.

Income Participation Loan (IPL)

Repayment schedule tailored to the projected cash flows of the company, and flexible overall term (but typically 5 years)

Lower collateral requirements than banks

Fixed interest rate comparable to the prevailing market rate

As a premium for risk, participation in a percentage of the company’s income for the term of the loan USD denomination

Equity participation

Minority equity stake in the company (typically up to 35%).

Pre-agreed share buy-back terms with price typically based on a formula tied to the revenue performance of the company or other growth metric.

Patient capital with a pre-agreed buy back that typically takes place in stages over years 3-5 (with full exit in year 5).

Unlike traditional private equity, we do not force the sale of your company to a 3rd party.

Why Gazelle Finance?

Our financing and partnership-oriented approach enables entrepreneurs to take their businesses through
the next stage of revenue growth and achieve their full potential.

Why Gazelle Finance is a good fit for my company?

Revenues: $200,000 - $4 million in annual revenues at time of investment
Track Record: Typically, at least 1-3 years of successful operations
Business Plan: Clear and well justified vision/plan for expansion
Team:Competent and dedicated entrepreneurs and management team
Standards: Commitment to improving and maintaining good financial governance, environmental and labor practices

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