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Ukraine bridge facility

With the support of its investors, GF will provide bridge financing and technical support to a select group of Ukrainian companies and their employees

Sources you May Address

In the process of doing business, the management team may need to find additional information or access data. Several important local sources of information are described here.



Ministry of Finance of Georgia offers monthly data of all import and export operations by providing information on the product, its value and amount, and a partner country. The data is accessible on the website of the ministry. Aside from this, one can find general economic reviews and forecastsState budgets, and Government finance statistics on the website of the ministry.

Geostat (National Statistics Office of Georgia) is an institution that produces and disseminates statistical information. The generalized statistics are readily available on the website of Geostat, the statistics database, and various interactive portals, while more detailed information can be obtained upon request. Please note that some data are payable. The statistics produced by Geostat include:

·    Agriculture and environment

·    Business statistics

·    External trade and FDI

·     National accounts

·     Population and demographics

·      Price statistics

·      Service statistics

·      Social statistics

Statistical Business Register is another product of Geostat. It is an interactive database providing detailed information about all businesses registered in Georgia. The database is updated monthly.

The National Agency for Public Registry is responsible for registering property, movable and intangible property rights, legal entities, and economic activities. Therefore, the website of the agency offers open access to the full real estate registry, as well as to the business registry.

National Bank of Georgia (NBG) is responsible for price stability and efficient monetary policy in the country. Aside from this, NBG sets official daily exchange rates for domestic currency. Therefore, their website offers access to statistical data, such as price indices, monetary and financial statistics, financial markets, and foreign exchange markets and rates. NBG also publishes macroeconomic and financial reviews monthly.

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